Why is it that good things don’t seem to come into your life until you are in your darkest moment and ready to give up? In the summer of 2012 my life, body, and marriage were a complete mess and I was in desperate need of change. I talked to friends, mom, therapists and anyone that would listen looking for guidance EVERYWHERE. I did my research and stumbled upon a book written by Jillian Michaels that forever changed my life. I started to understand how hormones were almost completely effected by diet. And that if I could control my diet, I could control my hormones. Over the next year I lost 40 pounds, reversed my PCOS, and renewed my wedding vows.


transformation photo



6 thoughts on “Home

  1. I love it! But, where is your story? Was that it? Or do i have to click on something else? Besides that, u did an awesome job!

    • Not at all Franky. In fact, I mix my coffee with the chocolate shakeology quite often. Of course, the goal is to be fully awake without use of caffeine but I really enjoy my java!

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